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Tasteful ingenuity - Products that not only look great but work really well too.
Chef'n's mission is to 'make better tools' so you can make 'better food'.

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  • Chef'n Emulstir Dressing Mixer

    Create fresh dressings, vinaigrettes and flavoured dipping oils in seconds using this easy-to-operate emulsifier.

    £ 13.50
    Out of stock
  • Chef'n Herbsicle Herb Keeper

    An amazing new gadget from Chef'n that freezes and preserves fresh herbs with ease. Label the handle for quick identification and then twist the handle to access the herbs.

    £ 6.75
  • Chef'n Hullster Tomato Corer

    This clever little gadget removes tomato stalks quickly and easily. Just press the green button on the top to activate the stainless steel blades.

    £ 8.25
    Out of stock
  • Chef'n Mini Burger Press

    Easy to use, quirky burger press - makes 2.5oz mini burger patties.

    £ 7.50
    Out of stock
  • Chef'n Oil Mister

    The perfect way to lightly coat food and pans with oil for a really healthy option! Comes apart easily for cleaning.

    £ 13.50
    Out of stock
  • Chef'n Small Salad Spinner

    Unique push lever mechanism salad spinner from Chef'n.

    £ 20.25
    Out of stock
  • Chef'n StemGem Strawberry Huller

    Adorable and simple to use, the Stem Gem strawberry-stem remover will appeal to both children and kitchen-gadget fiends alike.

    £ 6.55
    Out of stock
  • Chef'n VeggiChop Vegetable Chopper

    This incredibly clever hand-powered Vegetable Chopper from Chef'n allows you to chop everything from vegetables to nuts and herbs, quickly and easily, without using electricity.

    £ 18.95
    Out of stock