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Elegant Cooking Tools

Fletchers' Mill had an exceptional beginning, founded by Vic Firth a world renowned timpanist for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Vic started by producing the world's finest drumsticks and later used the same techniques to produce a line of high quality rolling pins and other kitchen tools.

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  • 38cm / 15" Rock Maple Rolling Pin

    American rock maple rolling pin, 38cm / 15" length and 7cm / 2¾" diameter. Perfect all-around, multi-purpose rolling pin for your kitchen.

    £ 42.95
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  • 49cm / 20" Rock Maple Bakers Rolling Pin

    American rock maple Bakers rolling pin, 49cm / 20" length. Classic bakers rolling pin allows for a more tactile experience and is the prefered choice by many professional bakers.

    £ 19.75
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  • 51cm / 20" Rock Maple French Rolling Pin

    American rock maple French rolling pin, 51cm / 20" length. With it’s tapered ends, is the preferred tool for rolling out thin pie crust.

    £ 16.25
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