Cut & Chop

Everything you need to grate, chop, slice, cut and prepare your perfect meal with some colour and fun included


  • Graters

    Whether you're zesting a lemon, grating nutmeg or a block of Parmesan, we've got a grater for the job.

  • Scissors

    Scissors are a great tool for the kitchen for quickly chopping herbs, preparing meat or opening annoying plastic containers and packets.

  • Knives

    Wide range of colourful knives that will brighten up any kitchen. But don't let the bright colours and unusual shapes fool you these are high quality, professional knives.

  • Mandolines & Slicers

    Not everyone is a master chef with knife skills to match, for us mere mortals mandolines and slicers are the perfect way to slice, chop and dice; accurately quickly and safely

  • Peelers & Corers

    Prepare your fruit and veg in no time with a range of peelers and corers that take the hassel out of preperation in a range of colours and designs.

  • Chopping Boards

    Keep your worktops safe with a range of colourful and practical chopping boards in a variety of sizes to suit any kitchen.

  • Grinders & MIlls

    Season your meals to perfection with this range of mills and grinders

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