Colourful range of kitchen essentials and helpful gadgets for preperation and cooking


  • Spatulas & Palette Knives

    Selection of colourful and fun palette knives and spatulas so you can spread, scrape and let nothing go to waste

  • Colanders & Strainers

    Colourful but practical selection of colanders and strainers so you can strain pasta, rice and veg

  • Egg Rings, Poachers &...

    Fry, poach and boil your eggs to perfection with some colour and fun thrown in

  • Tongs & Turners

    Flip, scoop and turn your food to cook evenly with a dash of colour and a sprinkle of fun

  • Spoons & Ladles

    Colourful yet pratical spoons for serving and mixing

  • Can Openers

    Essential kitchen equipment doesn't have to be boring, just see these colourful, fun but still pratical range of can and jar openers

  • Juicers & Reamers

    Get every last drop of juice from fruit with this range of colourful juicers and reamers

  • Mashers & Presses

    Whether your mashing potato or pressing garlic this range of mashers, ricers and presses will do the job with a splash of colour as well

  • Whisks & Brushes

    Whip up a storm with a brightly colour whisk, spread some culinary love with a snazzy pastry brush or clean up some veg with a funny vegetable brush

  • Mixing Bowls

    Throw away your old plain white or glass bowls and get something a little more interesting from our range of colourful mixing bowls

  • Food Moulds & Presses

    Have some fun with your food and make perfect burgers and pasties or try something new with the rice cuber and dumpling makers 

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