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Alan Silverwood Limited is a family firm, based close to Birmingham's vibrant commercial centre. Established in 1966 Silverwood have specialised in manufacturing a distinctive range of domestic bakeware.

At a time when shops are awash with products imported from around the globe, Silverwood bakeware, manufactured in their Birmingham factory, stands out as a high-quality, long-lasting alternative to the "pile-it-high, sell-it-cheap" competition.
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  • 8" x 2" Tarte Tatin Dish

    This Tarte Tatin Dish is perfect for baking this famous French dessert in. Made from Silver Anodised Aluminium, it features a fixed base and a high quality finish.

    £ 14.25
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  • Silverwood 6" Panettone Loose Bottom Cake Pan

    Make your very own "Italian Panettone sweet bread", traditionally made at Christmas but is enjoyed all year round.

    £ 18.95
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  • Silverwood 8" x 6" Battenberg Cake Pan

    Named in honour of the 1884 mariage of Queen Victoria's granddaughter to Prince Louis of Battenburg. Create your very own battenburg cake with this easy to use tin. 

    £ 16.95
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  • Silverwood Dinner Party Croquembouche Set

    The Silverwood Croquembouche Set is a completely new concept, bringing this wonderfully spectacular dessert to the home with this easy to use tower mould.

    £ 21.75
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