Helpful gadgets and accessories that will save you time and effort while baking

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  • Zeal Fuss Free Silicone Pie Weights

    Fuss free connecte chain of silicone pie weights perfect for blind-baking pastry Available in red or pink

    £ 8.99
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  • Silverwood Dinner Party Croquembouche Set

    The Silverwood Croquembouche Set is a completely new concept, bringing this wonderfully spectacular dessert to the home with this easy to use tower mould.

    £ 21.75
  • Colour Co-Ordinated Baking Gift Set

    Add a splash of colour to someones kitchen. This colourful baking gift set is perfect as a birthday or christmas present for any budding baker 

    £ 40.00
  • Kilo Non-Stick Oven Liner - 40cm x 50cm

    Line the base of your oven to reduce the need for cleaning. 40cm x 50cm tough non stick coated liner, can withstand temperatures up to 260°c

    £ 8.25
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  • Dough Cutter & Scraper

    Easily cut, shape and lift dough. The included blade measurements mean you can make uniform sized rolls and buns every time.

    £ 3.95
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