Joie 'Boiley' Microwave Egg Boiler

Joie boiley microwave egg boiler cook exceptional eggs every time. Cooks soft, medium and hard-boiled eggs.

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Part of the Joie 'Eggy' egg themed range.

Boiley, The Microwave Egg Boiler.

Enough with this skipping breakfast lark. A person has to eat! And, while planning to go to work on an egg might be a teeny bit ambitious, you can get some eggy goodness.

Pop your egg inside the base, add water to the fill line. Screw the top section on to the base and microwave 3 to 5 minutes.

Eggceptional eggs every time!

  • Cook exceptional eggs every time
  • Cooks soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs
  • Boils eggs in 3-5 minutes depending upon egg size, microwave wattage, and how you like your egg
  • Simple to use, easy to clean
  • Should not be used in Microwave ovens over 1000W

Egg boiler is approximately 11cm tall


Brand Joie
SKU 50237
UPC 067742502377
Dishwasher Safe No
Microwave Safe Yes

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