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Maison & White

Maison & White Saucepan Dividers - Set of 3

Maison & White Saucepan Dividers - Set of 3

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Simplify your life with this stainless steel saucepan divider set. The perfect Sunday dinner always comes down to the timing; managing 3 different pans, all cooking different vegetables whilst making sure your chicken isn’t burnt, can be exhausting!

The Maison & White Set of 3 saucepan dividers provides a simple yet spectacularly effective solution to help you out in the kitchen as much as possible. 3 separate inserts for 1 pan provide you with a cooking accessory you never knew you needed. When your carrots are cooked but your potatoes need a little longer, you can then simply and safely remove that individual divider from the saucepan allowing the other vegetables to cook to perfection.     


In this modern world, we are all even more conscious of the effect our day-to-day lives have on the environment. These saucepan dividers not only offer a solution to make your kitchen management less stressful but also reduce the number of hobs needed to cook and in turn reduce the amount of energy needed.  Everyone is a winner!   


Nothing is better than easy cooking a set of 3 saucepan dividers is the perfect addition to your kitchen. easy to use and easy to clean  


  • Size: 17.5cm x 13.8cm x 9.9cm (Individual Size). Minimum size pan - 21cm width.
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Weight: 190g (Individual). 570g (Full Set)
  • In the box: 3 x Saucepan Dividers
  • 2-Year Guarantee
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